Prayer Schedule

Please note that the Prayer Room is NOT open yet (see side box for date). Below for display purposes only.
Our vision is for prayer to go up unceassingly from Oxford to heaven in the coming years. Not necessarily all from the Oxford Prayer Room; but it is hoped that the Prayer Room could be a catylst for this. 
The prayer meetings on the schedule below are only to inform people of what's going on. They are not a statement of when the room is booked and unavailable - the room is always free for anyone and any group to use, with or without prior arrangement. Individuals in the Prayer Room are asked to be mindful of groups praying, whilst groups in the room are asked to be flexbile, inclusive and to unite with others in prayer.
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DPM - The Church  DPM - Muhabba  DPM - Nations   DPM - Oxford  DPM - EU Church Planting   Prayer Room Closed 


            Prayer Room Closed 


            Prayer Room Closed 




            ACT! Prayer 


          Youth Prayer   


           Prayer Room Closed - Youth Meeting  


          Prayer Room Closed - Youth Meeting