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Is the Prayer Room open 24-7?
The prayer room is not open '24-7', apart from during special 24-7Prayer weeks. The prayer room is open for the times shown on the calendar below, and we are actively seeking committed, regular prayer groups to start up in the prayer room all the time, so please get in touch if you would like to know more.
Of course, if you are visiting Oxford and would like to see the prayer room and find out more about it, do get in touch and we'd love to arrange a time to meet!

Why pray in a prayer room?
It's a good question. As Christians, we can pray "in all places and at all times", but yet there is something special about travelling to a place set-aside for prayer. The act of pilgrimage to a place to 'meet' God is recorded hundreds of times in the Bible, and has continued throughout the Christian tradition. And there is something about the room's location too - right in the city centre of this historic city, yet in a basement, hidden from the city - that lends itself to praying for Oxford. Finally, the Oxford Prayer Room is committed to gathering people from across the city who are passionate about prayer, through enabling prayer groups to meet together. Having a mutual, central, free and dedicated-for-purpose venue is a blessing to such groups, who would otherwise struggle to find a suitable venue. 

If in doubt, please come along and pay a visit! We'd love to show you around. 

What is the prayer room like?
It's a basement room inside a building called "The Catacombs", in the city centre of Oxford. It's white. Big enough to fit in 50 people (but small enough so you don't feel overwhelmed by yourself), it has two hidden TV screens, a good sound system, nice art work and a little chapel side room, where many people just like to sit on a cushion and 'be' before God. The building is also kitted out with disable access, toilet, coffee and tea facilities and WiFi.

Are there any rules of use?
Just a few: 

1. All prayer meetings should be advertised and open to newcomers who want to join.
2. Please, no drinks or food in the Prayer Room (except bottled water)
3. Please leave the room in a state you would be happy to find it

Search this calendar to see what's on, or read below to find out about some of our main regular events. 

t.01865 791 073  e.prayer@staldates.org.uk