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Oxford Prayer Room
A beautiful space in the heart of the city, devoted to gathering people from across Oxford who are passionate about prayer.

Hosted by one city-centre church, but shared with many churches across the city, we have a deep love for Oxford and are here to 
serve the city through prayer. It is our dream that this prayer room will be part of a city-wide prayer movement; a city famed for academic excellence but also its revival history. We believe wholeheartedly that as we come together into the place of prayer, God will hear from heaven and renew our city once again. So, if you are passionate about prayer, come along and join in as we pray for Oxford.

The programme of prayer is continually developing and expanding. For all the latest news and events, please take a look around our website. Or feel free to contact us on 01865 791 073 or email prayer@staldates.org.uk. We look forward to welcoming you to the prayer room soon.


All prayer meetings are open to everyone and are very welcoming to newcomers - please feel free to just visit, or contact us for more information! The calendar is updated on a nearly daily basis and is reliable. Just scroll around and click on an event for more details.


History and Launch


The Oxford Prayer Room is glad to be in partnership with:
t.01865 791 073  e.prayer@staldates.org.uk