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posted 25 Apr 2018, 09:07 by Matthew Key   [ updated 25 Apr 2018, 09:08 ]

Please see below for archived posts.

The prayer room calendar ('home' page and 'info' page) will remain regularly updated so as to keep accurate. 

The Oxford Prayer Room

city cry - a look back

posted 18 Jun 2014, 08:43 by Oxford Prayer Room

The 2014 Love Oxford prayer event—city cry—was a wonderful example of church unity in prayerful action! With preaching from St Clements, worship from CLC, and prayer leading from Emmanuel, St Aldates and others, it was quite a way to spend a Friday night. Prayer topics varied throughout the evening, ranging from the safety and health of Oxford’s children, to ending trafficking in this city, to encouragement for educators, and to clear focus for the churches. On hearing the music coming from the church, numerous curious passers-by stopped to take a look and ask what was happening, which was both encouraging and a reminder to keep praying for this city.  Thank you to all who joined us at city cry. We’ll see you at our 2015 Love Oxford event! 


Monday Evening Worship and Intercession

posted 29 May 2014, 09:44 by Oxford Prayer Room

If you believe that biblically-based, Spirit-directed prayer can dramatically affect the fruitfulness of our ministry activities, can change the things that we cannot do ourselves, can redirect the destinies of families, cities and nations, and can draw us closer to the heart of God, then you should consider participating in our Monday evening Prayer and Intercession gatherings. From 7:30pm to 9:30pm every other Monday from the 2nd of June, we will be gathering in the Prayer Room to worship and pray together. Come for the whole two hours or for just a few minutes, with a friend or on your own, but come prepared to worship the Living God.

city cry

posted 29 May 2014, 03:36 by Oxford Prayer Room   [ updated 29 May 2014, 07:10 ]

                Click here for a map to St Aldates.

A Look Back: 'Spirit-Led' 24/7Prayer

posted 22 May 2014, 04:17 by Oxford Prayer Room   [ updated 28 May 2014, 09:27 ]

It’s not every day that the Spirit leads a 24/7Prayer team to abandon its well-established plan and follow in a completely different direction. But that is exactly what happened on what was supposed to be the last day of our ‘Spirit-Led’ 24/7Prayer week.

It was Saturday morning, and our set-down team would soon be gathering to dismantle all the special prayer stations we had constructed the previous week. The Pray for the Nations station was weighty with Post-It prayers, the Pray for Oxford station was marked by postcard memories and expectations of God’s work in this city, and the creative prayer space was bright with the painted, Play-dohed, and sketched prayers of dozens of individuals. It had been an incredible and beautiful week of both scheduled and impromptu prayer and worship, and there was no doubt that God had been working. But we were scheduled to set-down the room in time for Saturday evening’s youth event, and no one was planning to carry on after Saturday.

No one, that is, except the One who had inspired the week’s theme.

An individual put forth the question: what if we kept the prayer space open for another week?

Our team arrived for set-down, but we didn’t immediately set-to set-down. We sat down and we prayed. We discussed the practicalities of this idea. We prayed some more. And when our entire team felt the Spirit’s leading to keep the prayer space open for another week (with modified opening hours), we committed to it. The fact that several people showed up to use the prayer space long after the room had originally been scheduled to close was just another confirmation that we were on the right track.

The first week had been beautiful. The second was, well, one person described the atmosphere of prayer room during the second week like this:

As a space, it began to sing—as if the prayers began reverberating off the walls and resonating in the air. As that increased, it was like a symphony began. As people from different groups and backgrounds began to worship and pray in the same place, it was like different instruments beginning to play out – a little foretaste of heaven.

Others described the prayer space during week two as “God-filled and peaceful,” a place that just sort of “draws you in and you don’t want to leave because it’s so nice.” One individual described the atmosphere of the prayer room “as breathing—like the sense of our breath and God’s breath meeting—communing with God,” and others described it as “warm,” “safe,” and “comfortable.”

Many of these descriptions could have (and did) apply to the first week of 24/7Prayer, but there was something about the second week, something about letting the Spirit lead in this very real and very unexpected way that gave the whole experience something more: not just a beautiful experience of prayer but a little foretaste of heaven. 


If you’re interested in learning more about what’s happening in the Prayer Room, send us an email (prayer@staldates.org.uk) or give us a call 01865 791 073.


24/7Prayer Week: 'Spirit-led'

posted 26 Mar 2014, 08:36 by Oxford Prayer Room   [ updated 26 Mar 2014, 08:37 ]

24/7Prayer Week is coming! From 10pm on Sunday, 4 May to 12pm on Saturday, 10 May, we’re gathering in the Oxford Prayer Room to pray during every hour of the day and night. Our focus for the week is ‘Spirit-led’ –seeking Lord’s guidance in our everyday lives and as we pray for our families and friends, our city, our nation, and the world. Start thinking about when you can make it to the Prayer Room and click here to sign up for a prayer slot.

Prayer Spaces in Schools: A Volunteer's Experience

posted 21 Nov 2013, 09:06 by Oxford Prayer Room





I stared at the piece of laminated A4, where the edges of the pink and orange sticky notes curled away from the page like a joyously bright and overgrown flowerbed of child-inspired prayers. This was the “Thank You” station in a school prayer space, one of four prayer tents set-up in the school gymnasium. The others, “Sorry”, “Please”, and “Justice”, were delightful and creative: sand where the children could write and wipe out the items for which they were sorry; an eight-foot bubble tube with multi-coloured lights where they could ‘send up’ prayers and big questions; a cardboard house with pictures of slums and homeless children where they could reflect on justice in our world. However, given my love of Play-Doh, I was quite partial to my “Thank You” station, where the kids could ‘sculpt’ creations to represent the items, people, and relationships for which they were grateful.

“Christians believe,” I explained to each new group of children as they arrived at my pop-up tent, “That God loves it when people say ‘Thank you’, so that’s what we’re going to do. And we’re going to do it with Play-Doh!”

Inevitably, all their faces would light up (no matter if they were five years old, ten, or somewhere in-between), and as soon as I released them, they would hurry to one of the tables in the tent. Over the course of my time at the “Thank You” tent, I witnessed the sculpting of numerous houses, food items, pets, and stick people. Some sculptures were more easily recognizable than others (which is certainly to be expected with such a range of ages and fine motor skills!), but one fact remained constant: they were getting it. These children were understanding how much there is to be thankful for, how important it is to recognize that fact, and that saying “Thank You” is one way that people can pray.

I looked again at the sticky notes on the wall, chuckled at the “Maths” and “Pueg” entries (apparently “Pueg” was a young one’s attempt at “penguins”), whispered my own prayer of thanks, and moseyed toward the coat rack.

To find out more about Prayer Spaces in Schools, go to their website: www.prayerspacesinschools.com



'Always' 24-7Prayer Week in Review

posted 7 Nov 2013, 05:50 by Oxford Prayer Room

Our autumn 24-7Prayer Week has come and gone, and it was a great success! With a theme of ‘Always’—focusing on God’s faithfulness and grace in our lives—the Prayer Room was a peace-filled space for people to meet with God. With creative prayer stations focusing on various ‘always’ ideas and verses, we had opportunities to rejoice over God’s work in our lives, to pray for other Christians, to worship, and to simply ‘be’ in God’s presence. On Monday night, we posted the below on the Oxford Prayer Room Facebook Page:

The end of the first full day of 24-7Prayer Week. I am struck by just how apt is our theme, 'Always'. Always God is faithful: when gale-force winds and rain wreak havoc, when the international community is in furious uproar, when travellers disappear in the desert and innocents are destroyed by vehicles-turned-deadly-infernos. He is always. No matter what is happening around us or in us—no matter if we’re healthy or ill, angry or glad, hurting or joyful—He is always. And this week is a time to remember that.

Already, in the first 24 hours of our week, God has been working. The testimonies are clearly visible throughout the room: black confession rocks scattered across crimson cloth, authentic pencil sketches posted against the wall, colorful postcards displaying the heartfelt prayers of people young and old. And it’s only Monday night. The testimonies will continue, as will the prayers. Come and join us. Remember with us: He is always.

The rest of the week proved to be a powerful, life-impacting one, one where individuals and groups came together to intentionally meet with our Always God. The week went quickly, and when it finished, we were all a bit sad. But only a bit. Because, as it was described on Saturday, “Even though this week is over and the prayer room is back to normal, this is not the end. This Prayer Week was a beautiful act in an ongoing production being lived on the everyday stages of our lives. It was beautiful and significant, but it was not the end. Because our God is Always.”

We hope you’ll be able to join us for our spring 24-7Prayer Week, where we trust God will continue to work in mighty ways!

24-7Prayer: Always

posted 8 Oct 2013, 08:16 by Matthew Key

24-7 Prayer Week is coming! From 10pm on Sunday, 27 October to 12pm on Saturday, 2 November, we will be gathering in the Oxford Prayer Room to pray during every hour of the day and night. Will you be a part of this prayer adventure? 

Our theme for this prayer week is “Always”— considering God’s faithfulness and grace in our lives and world. Follow this link to sign up for a prayer slot: http://www.24-7prayer.com/signup/5996dc (you’re welcome to come and pray anytime during that week, even if you haven’t signed up.) 

We’re also looking for creative, musical, artistic, and prayer-loving team members to help make this week happen. Interested? Please contact us as soon as you can at prayer@staldates.org.uk.

24/7 Prayer Week

posted 21 Mar 2013, 08:23 by Unknown user

We just finished another wonderful week of 24/7 prayer. The time totally flew by and by the end of the week we had over 500 people coming from all churches in Oxford. It was so wonderful to see so many churches coming together and praying for unity in spirit between Christians just like there is unity between the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. 17 churches from around Oxford took up slots during day time and prayed for the city, the leaders of churches, people in authority and Holy Spirit to the open people's EYES and EARS to encounter God just like we have encountered Him. This is what we desire, the for the bride to come to FULL Number here in. of Oxford.   

During the week we had great worship and intercession time even THROUGH the night; so a many young adults joined us every evening to be in the presence of the most Holy God. We also had boards with every church for people to pray, prophecy and encourage the leaders and the congregation. We believe that God is at work in this nation and this city ​​and we ask you to partner with us to continue to ask, seek and knock until God opens send revival in our city

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