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24/7 Prayer - starts this Sunday

posted 18 Oct 2010, 02:29 by Matthew Key   [ updated 18 Oct 2010, 02:31 by Oxford Prayer Room ]
St Aldates' termly 24/7prayer week begins this Sunday. Pop down to the Catacombs anytime of day and night to be part of an incredible 'creative-marathon' of prayer. This term our theme jumps off from the welcome leaflet that people recieve when coming to St Aldates* for the first time. In that leaflet are five areas of the church that we want to live, express and grow in: being in God's presence, living as a church community, reaching the next generation, helping the marginalised and going to the wider world.
Each one of these aims are full of opportunities, full of potential - yet they are also full of challenges and struggles.
This is where prayer comes in; it is the 'meeting place' between the opportunity and the challenge. For, what is a struggle to us, is always possible for our God. By meeting with God this week, listening to Him, learning from Him and obeying Him, our challenges and struggles can be turned around for His glory.
So, we invite you to join in with us this week, as we seek God together, asking Him to do what only He can do.
*Although this week is run by St Aldates, people from any church are very welcome to join in - we look forward to welcoming you!