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'Always' 24-7Prayer Week in Review

posted 7 Nov 2013, 05:50 by Oxford Prayer Room

Our autumn 24-7Prayer Week has come and gone, and it was a great success! With a theme of ‘Always’—focusing on God’s faithfulness and grace in our lives—the Prayer Room was a peace-filled space for people to meet with God. With creative prayer stations focusing on various ‘always’ ideas and verses, we had opportunities to rejoice over God’s work in our lives, to pray for other Christians, to worship, and to simply ‘be’ in God’s presence. On Monday night, we posted the below on the Oxford Prayer Room Facebook Page:

The end of the first full day of 24-7Prayer Week. I am struck by just how apt is our theme, 'Always'. Always God is faithful: when gale-force winds and rain wreak havoc, when the international community is in furious uproar, when travellers disappear in the desert and innocents are destroyed by vehicles-turned-deadly-infernos. He is always. No matter what is happening around us or in us—no matter if we’re healthy or ill, angry or glad, hurting or joyful—He is always. And this week is a time to remember that.

Already, in the first 24 hours of our week, God has been working. The testimonies are clearly visible throughout the room: black confession rocks scattered across crimson cloth, authentic pencil sketches posted against the wall, colorful postcards displaying the heartfelt prayers of people young and old. And it’s only Monday night. The testimonies will continue, as will the prayers. Come and join us. Remember with us: He is always.

The rest of the week proved to be a powerful, life-impacting one, one where individuals and groups came together to intentionally meet with our Always God. The week went quickly, and when it finished, we were all a bit sad. But only a bit. Because, as it was described on Saturday, “Even though this week is over and the prayer room is back to normal, this is not the end. This Prayer Week was a beautiful act in an ongoing production being lived on the everyday stages of our lives. It was beautiful and significant, but it was not the end. Because our God is Always.”

We hope you’ll be able to join us for our spring 24-7Prayer Week, where we trust God will continue to work in mighty ways!