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City-prayer week: an encouragement to get down to the prayer room in the evenings

posted 25 Jan 2011, 07:28 by Matthew Key   [ updated 25 Jan 2011, 07:38 by Oxford Prayer Room ]
Prayer week starting next week. I'm most excited about our evening meetings, where we have half a dozen churches leading worship and prayer. What a unique opportunity to join with our brothers and sisters around Oxford and pray for the city that God has brought us to! The Bible says "where there is unity, God commands a blessing" (Ps 133); what deeper way of showing unity can their be than collectively opening up our hearts before God and one another in prayer? Where better can we reflect that heart of Jesus, who, on the night he was betrayed, prayed "Father, make them one, as I am one with the Father" (Jn 17:22-23). It is time-consuming, it is a sacrifice, it is potentially a little scary to start off with... but it is good, it is loving, it is kind. And God wants to bless it. So, do join in, and we look forward to seeing you one evening in the prayer room!