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Day 2: exciting stories

posted 10 Mar 2010, 02:04 by Matthew Key   [ updated 10 Mar 2010, 02:24 by Oxford Prayer Room ]
What a day! Now had over 15 churches from around Oxford come to pray. It may be even more than this, as we are starting to loose count...! What an amazing testament to God's heart for bring different people together in prayer - powerful stuff.
And it's not just different churches that have been taking part. Last night, during our 10pm worship, we had a surpise international group of 15 turn up who had just finished an Alpha course that same evening. So the room was packed with people from all over the world, many of whom wouldn't say they have committed to Christ just yet, but nonetheless joining in the prayer and worship going on, many visibly seeking God with tears. God is good, and we are seeing that as he is lifted up, he will draw all men to himself (John 12:32). We invite you too, to come and lift Christ up over Oxford.