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Day 5: God has been good

posted 12 Mar 2010, 01:54 by Matthew Key   [ updated 12 Mar 2010, 02:01 by Oxford Prayer Room ]
Nearing the end of 24-7 now... we close at midday on saturday 13th march. If you haven't been yet, do come along!
Last night was special again. We had worship with voices and a drums - something we've not done before, but an unusal but powerful combination. Really felt the power and heartbeat of God, and the prayer from the ten or more who were there just kept growing and growing. We didn't want to stop! This morning I've arrived into the prayer room to find fervent prayer for a student weekend away happening in a few hours time. These are important prayers; they're going to change that weekend away from something good into something even better, I am convinved.
We've been blessed by over 20 churches from the Oxford area come and be a part of this week. It's been astounding. We even had one visitor from Durham!
The body of Christ in Oxford will be a more united, more prayerful, more equipped body because of this week, by the grace of God. Thanks to all those who participated. And remember to get down here if you haven't been yet; we look forward to welcoming you.