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Easter Events

posted 1 Apr 2010, 02:52 by Matthew Key   [ updated 1 Apr 2010, 02:59 by Oxford Prayer Room ]
Happy Easter to all who have been part of the prayer room this past term. We've been blessed by what God has done for us - from answering prayer and times of great joy in his presence - but most of all we are thankful to God for sending his Son to us, to die on a cross and rise again, paving that way for us to God. Thank God for Jesus!
This Easter time many of our normal events are having a short break, but we are pleased to be holding a special prayer and worship gathering on Good Friday, to remember all that Jesus did for us. The organiser, Michael, writes -
"I don't know how the disciples felt on Good Friday. Whatever balance there was of despair and determination, they needed the situation to be turned around by the power of God. And there was no earthly reason why that should happen.

Paul tells us that AGAINST ALL HOPE, ABRAHAM IN HOPE BELIEVED and so became the father of many nations (Rom 4:18). I think Good Friday is a great time to hope against all hope, and to pray for the power of God to raise hopeless situations from the dead."
If you'd like to give thanks to God for giving us a hope, and to join in praying for this city that others would recieve this hope, please come to the Prayer Room, starting 8pm.
Have a blessed Easter,
The Oxford Prayer Room