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Election Day Prayer

posted 29 Apr 2010, 03:55 by Matthew Key   [ updated 29 Apr 2010, 04:03 by Oxford Prayer Room ]
The prayer room will be specially open on the 6 May, during polling hours from 7am-10pm, for a day of prayer. With worship sessions and led prayer throughout the day, join us at any time to pray for what will be a significant day for our nation.
The theme of the day will be Exodus 17, where Moses held up his rod over the battle field whilst Joshua led the battle against the amalekites.  Whenever his arms were lowered, the enemy began to prevail, so Aaron and Hur helped Moses to keep his arms upraised until victory was achieved. Likewise, through prayer, we want to raise our hands over this nation for God to have the victory on this crucial day. We are asking that God individually hand picks each person who aspires to be a Member of Parliment; for when the righteous rule, the people rejoice (Pr 29:2). 
We hope you to see you there!