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Monday night Worship & Intercession Meeting kicks off with a bang!

posted 13 Nov 2010, 01:32 by Oxford Prayer Room   [ updated 25 Jan 2011, 07:28 ]
On Monday the 8th of November we had our first intercession meeting and it was simply an amazing heartfelt experience, where everyone that participated felt a special renovation over their lives, and in great disposition with God to start a blessed week! God really started operating from the beginning of the evening filling the atmosphere with his presence. The meeting started with a spirit-filled time of worship led by the lovely Lauren Keenan, we enjoyed wonderful moments of praise and worship, where we poured out our hearts to God in complete adoration acknowledging his marvelous mercy, incomprehensible love and amazing grace.
This was followed by some Worship & Intercesssion from Hebrews chapter 1, where the author talks about God’s supreme revelation, which was the person of Jesus Christ ‘whom was appointed heir of all things,’; and we were spiritually nourished with a wonderful inspiring word that came directly from the throne. The evening ended with astonishing time of prayer where the Spirit led us to intercede for our lost love ones and for those that are suffering with sickness, we prayed God would work over their lives, healing and ministering to their hearts, cleansing their souls and bringing them closer to him.
God honored his word in Matthew 18:20 where he says that where two or three are gathered in his name he would be in their midst; concluding, we really saw God operate and we had a blast! So I do encourage you to come along, bring someone with you and check it out, there will be absolutely no regrets and I guarantee you won’t leave the same way you came! The prayer meeting will be held fortnightly and the next one will be on the 22nd of November at 8:00 pm in the Catacombs. We will be praying, worshipping, having a great time and seeking God’s face, so I hope to see you there!
Remain Blessed xx