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Prayer rising for Love Oxford 2010

posted 19 May 2010, 00:34 by Matthew Key   [ updated 19 May 2010, 00:52 by Oxford Prayer Room ]
About half way through our prayer week for Love Oxford now - it's been an amazing time! God has orchestrated the week beautifully, with people arriving just as others leave, so that there's been an almost unbroken chain of prayer since we began at 6pm on Sunday.
Last night was a particular highlight, with Oxford Community Church leading us in two hours of prayer and worship for the city and Love Oxford. The time literally flew by! It felt like such a deep time of prayer; it was one of those prayer meetings where everyone left knowing for sure that every prayer had been heard by God. What an amazing God - one who hears all our prayers! Standing together in prayer, we could look around and also be sure that unity is increasing in Oxford, with God giving us His vision for the church to 'love' Oxford. Truly it feels that, as Oxford-writer C.S.Lewis once wrote, "Aslan is on the move"!
The prayer week continues every hour of day and night until 9pm Saturday 22 May. So do come down - even if you've never been before - and seek God for Love Oxford this Sunday. Tonight, 'Rivers of Life' church will be leading prayer and worship from 8-10pm - it would be great to see you there!